Presently absent

Letters from the left side, Poetic Vibes

You will find pieces of him

in her smile,

in the slight dimple that forms

as her mind wonders to a place he lives,

gazing into her doe eyes –


There, do you see?

in the creases that make her ageing face

youthful again, he prances around begging her

to follow his jubilant steps and she does –

for in her laughter, he lingers

holding out his hand

for his lover’s touch.

You will hear his voice

in her thoughts whispering unheard things

only meant for her and so I pray

he will leave you

in peace for in his exit

pieces of him remain

deep in your tissues

to remind you

in his absence

he remains –

presently absent



Poetic Vibes

Please, keep silent.

speak no more

for each time you do,

you cause bruises to

parade my body

as if to showcase the pain I’ve kept

hidden deliberately away from

curious eyes – why?

is it your attempt to embarrass me?

to bare a reminder that I have empowered you

each time I bit my tongue

to avoid confrontation,

for you?



or is it me, I try so hard to protect that

I convince myself that the silence,

my silence, my bitten tongue and my sewn lips

will heal

the laughing bruises that present themselves

each time, kind venom escapes your lips.

Hidden heart

Letters from the left side, Poetic Vibes

She walked with her heart nowhere to be seen,

In the darkness, it remained

sheltered from the meaningless ‘I love yous’

uttered from deceiving lips,

that promised to want nothing but her

but her father taught her better, not with words

but his actions, when he broke her home like it was glass that could so easily be replaced by a short trip to the home goods store –

so from that day, her kind heart turned frosty and remained stored away for those who only wished to have a taste of her skin


from that day,

her own heart

became a stranger

even to her.


Poetic Vibes

I have searched deep within

for life as it once was,

but out came dust,

a symbol of what once was but now gone with the wind,

the girl that was,

is not what is,

but is –

the sad thing is,

the now

searches the depths of the earth


the was,

time only going forward

so maybe

the is should forget the was

and the now live only to

be, the now.



Poetic Vibes

You’re the poetry that lives in him,
engraved in his eyes.

His body spoke volumes,
confessing his love
as he
lay there
in his bed
every moment
of it
she is his
poetry device

                                                                             – she is the poetry that

                                                          seeps out of him